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If you're interested in joining the orchestra cube probably the best way is to come to one of our shows, or call one of the contacts on the JoiningCubeOrchestra page and find out how to participate or stand in at one of our weekly rehearsals.

To explain a bit more though - we are an improvisational orchestra that includes people from all musical and sometimes non-musical backgrounds, and this means there are a lot of different ideas as to what "improvisational orchestra" means! There is no one leader, excepting our absent yet glorious conductor Peter, but he is a conductor and it's not his job to know for example about technical setups and when our next rehearsal is - that's up to us, the Members of the Orchestra Cube (or MOOC as he calls us).

As disorganised musical monsters go, there are always threads of logic from different members pulling us in every direction, and this is part of the excitement. If you want to pull us, for example towards ditching the late night tequila sessions and pulling our act together, wearing jackets to shows and pretending to look at scores after 20 minutes tuning like proper orchestras, then you have as much say as the rest. The best way to make yourself heard is to join the mailing list (ask the contacts by phone for this - I can't remember it, and I don't want you to skip them) or come to rehearsals.

Although we like to be an amorphous beast of an orchestra, here are some pages about different technicalities of being a MOOC: RolesAndResponsibilities, ReScoringSetup and TechnicalSetupatGigs.

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