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The heaters were on but you wouldn't know it. Chema returned with his inimitable sax style, joined by Ghoufran on clarinet and newbie Kieran on trumpet. David arrived and sorted the ailing drum kit out, but alas, we all witnessed the death of a bass amp ...put it on the list, Marcus. Starting each tune was easy, finding an end more problematic ...

The Players:

  • Kieran Gillick: Trumpet
  • Chema Gala: Sax
  • Sharleena Raczkiewicz: Vocals
  • Ghoufran Warlow: Piano, Percussion, Clarinet, Vocals
  • David Insua-Cao: Percussion, Piano
  • Jean-Michel Maheu: Guitar
  • Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Vocals, iPad
  • Jon Shepherd: Bass
  • Ollie Owen: Guitar
  • Marcus Valentine: Keyboards

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You can download the zip file here (12 tracks @ 320 = 212mb):
(The files need to be zipped before download. This may take a while, so please be patient ...)

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