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It was good to be back after a few week's break, despite the fact that my iPad refused to work properly. Beer cures all ails. It was a nice and sparse line-up, giving us lots of room with no feedback this time! Someone was sitting in the seats, observing and responding creatively, though we may never see the fruits of his labour ...

The Players:

  • Marcus Valentine: Keyboards
  • Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Vocals, Effects
  • Jean-Michel Maheu: Guitar
  • Chema Gala: Sax, Vocals
  • Alun Person: Percussion
  • Spudd Connor: Saw, Melodica, Duck Call
  • Chris Rowe: Trumpet

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Download the zip file (11 tracks @ 320kbps = 182mb):
(The files need to be zipped before download. This may take a while, so please be patient ...)

If you would like a zip file of the jpegs in large format please get in touch with keef at keefchemistry.com

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