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We kicked things off with a one-minute, half-hearted Bowie tribute, which never made it to mp3. Next we mucked around with some beats, while Jon ran around trying to hook up a bass rig. Then we got going with our winter warm-up, after which Marcus read out loud from the Book of Cube Orchestra, citing all the things the orchestra were doing wrong in 2005 and which we were still doing wrong in 2016. Following that things remained much the same, including the extended lengths of each piece, culminating in an epic 27-minute finale ...

The Players:

  • Marcus Valentine: Keyboards, Vocals
  • Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Vocals, Percussion, Effects
  • Jon Shepherd: Bass
  • Ollie Owen: Guitar
  • Chema Gala: Sax, Recorder, Vocals
  • Steve Radford: Alto Sax, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Alberto Sciusco: Flute, Percussion
  • Alun Person: Percussion
  • Matt Mockford: Flute

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Download the zip file (10 tracks @ 320kbps = 209mb):
(The files need to be zipped before download. This may take a while, so please be patient ...)

If you would like a zip file of the jpegs in large format please get in touch with keef at keefchemistry.com

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