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And then there were five, so I set up the drums left-handed, not that it improved my playing. It was a relaxed session, good-humoured, with lots of talking and larking around, our final one before the Cube summer break. The fans provided background ambience, though little in the way of respite from the heat. Recording-wise, there's some audible hiss and an imbalance in the sound as I spent much of the time away from the mixer. Jean-Michel seized the opportunity and took over my echo pad and now he wants one ...

The Players:

  • Marcus Valentine: Keyboards, Vocals
  • Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Percussion, Vocals, Effects
  • Jon Shepherd: Bass
  • Jean-Michel Maheu: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Effects
  • Natasha Rosling: Flute, Vocals, Percussion

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