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The first session of 2018 with a gang of veterans. My New Year's resolution is to hang back and be more considerate. That flew out of the window from the outset, probably due to the beer. Jon didn't have a strap for his bass. I think Martin lent him one, because he grabbed a chair and played a borrowed acoustic guitar seated, with the guitar feeding back. Matthew discarded the guitar he brought along and concentrated on some great drumming. We were pretty well tuned-in and some interesting pieces developed, like Gridlock and Yeast Extract. Anything that makes me laugh is good in my books. By the final track, Sneaky Deaky, Steve had ditched his sax and was providing some illuminating piano work on Marcus' keyboard, Jean-Michel was playing Jon's bass and Jon was cranking out such a sweet riff on Jean-Michel's strat that I didn't want it to end and kept cranking him up ... I've added a bonus track not listed here to the download ...

The Players:

  • Marcus Valentine: Keyboards, Vocals
  • Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Vocals, Synth, Effects
  • Jon Shepherd: Bass, Guitar
  • Jean-Michel Maheu: Guitar, Bass
  • Martin Urmson: Acoustic Guitar
  • Steve Radford: Alto Sax, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Matthew Richards: Percussion

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Download the zip file (8 tracks @ 320kbps = 190mb):
(The files may need to be zipped before download which could take a couple of minutes, so please be patient ...)

If you would like a zip file of the jpegs in large format (22mb) please get in touch with keef at keefchemistry.com

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