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It was good to have both manifold speakers in action again, though the sound was dense on the stage, with three guitars, four, though one never made it out of its case. Helen kept playing a tuning fork and I kept thinking it was feedback. Jean-Michel is responsible for the animated gif ...

The Players:

  • Marcus Valentine: Keyboards
  • Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Vocals, Percussion, Effects
  • Jon Shepherd: Bass
  • Jean-Michel Maheu: Guitar, Bass
  • Alberto Sciusco: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Steve Radford: Alto Sax, Vocals
  • Valentino Dargenio: Percussion, Guitar
  • Helen Farrell: Vocals, Percussion
  • Bel Bel: Vocals
  • Jorge Gomez: Guitar
  • Rebecca D Andrea: Piano, Vocals
  • Gen Davis: Vocals, Percussion

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Download the zip file (9 tracks @ 320kbps = 174mb):
(The files may need to be zipped before download which could take a couple of minutes, so please be patient ...)

If you would like a zip file of the jpegs in large format please get in touch with keef at keefchemistry.com

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