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If you have a (usually informal) role in the cube orchestra, apart from the instrument you play, please state it here: I've tried to put in what I could remember. It's for the benefit of new faces to figure out who does what and how to get stuck in, and so that we know what bits we're going to need more of if a MOOC VIP leaves:

Getting Gigs

Hugh, Mr Hopkinson

Generally people in the know or with experience in finding places in or outside the cube for us to play at.

Historically there has been an irregular night at the cube called the cavalier club. This has been primarily focussed on improvisation. If members of the orchestra wanted to put on an improv-themed night, this might be a good name to 'brand it' with, as it may be well-known among its past audience base.

The orchestra once hosted a night called 'the random festival of improvisation', also at the cube, which may also be a nice name to continue with.


Hugh Spiller, Richie Paradise, Mr Hopkinson

People good at photography who occasionally take our pictures at events or rehearsals for blogging purposes mostly.

Steering group *

Richie, Belinda, Marcus, Ale

Also known as the cube liasion team, we generally are the ones who book rehearsals, talk to Mark Slater (cube events guy), decide who is a keyholder (has keys to let people in for rehearsals), and generally bore other people about it when they read all our emails going back and forth discussing these things. It's been suggested we take our discussions elsewhere for the benefit of those without email filtering systems.

Video / Interactive

Mr Hopkinson, Liam?

Do online flashy stuff like Mr Hopkinson's online orchestra simulation, or are able to or enjoy videoing stuff...

Web People

Marcus, Ale, Hugh?

Set up website, wiki, mailing lists and all that techie stuff.

Sometime Conductors

Ale, Mr Hopkinson, Richie

Have been known on occasion to stand up and conduct people, not that they listen.

Anything else?

Please add it if you think it goes here... Please keep in mind, the idea of this page is to give people a list of stuff they can help with if they are joining and want to have something to do or help with, or if existing members need to take over from departing ones...

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