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Suggested Rehearsal Plan

For Wed 30 Jan, 2008

To go with film on psychogeographical walks.

Now individually, with pens and papers, write down what you played in the easiest way possible

(If this sounds good,

  * keep shifting instruments around the block
  * Try and play for longer, getting into a groove with it
  * Keep doing this until you get back to your own instrument )

Go back to your instruments now, but with someone else's instructions. Play their thing along to that person.

Now experimenting with movement: (drummer need not partake) follow instructions:

This is either turning to face different people as you play, or deviating musically from what you're doing. When you sense the music is changing, decide whether to turn left or right at the appropriate time for your instructions.

Play film in background, explain psychogeographical walk instructions if needed. Play film again, record both...

Perhaps play film in evening as live amalgamation of live version + 2 recordings!! Ambitious, audatious... It's not going to happen.

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