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                     3 soft notes repeated gently  

  A.   3 soft notes repeated gently 
        acceleration and crescendo of 3 notes to diminuendo to silence

  B.    3  instruments  create a chord to be heald as long as the breath
  sustains them

  REPEAT of A but end on crescendo 

  C.    TUTTI  - All come in in very loud single notes adding more until
  fever pitch  is reached and breath runs out

  D.   TUTTI / Spoken 3 Soft Notes Repeated Gently

  E.  Rhythm at 4/4 well accented - march style 
       6 BARS / Rhythm 1 BAR / Silence Unspecified length of NOISE

  F.  Embarrassed Silence  - count in 3..4

  REPEAT  of E. with variations look for a melody and pass it round also
  the  rhythm  structure  from back to front, from insturment section to
  instrument section.

  G.  The Arrival - Dissonant Pomp with breaks for 15 second solos

  H.  End

  with love


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