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B24/7, May 2018

A Gong-inspired tribute of Camembert Electrique on May 19th caught the eye of B24/7 ...

“You can’t kill me,” sang the late Bert Camembert (aka Daevid Allen) on Gong’s splendid 1971 album Camembert Electrique, which Richard Branson cannily re-released for a princely 59p three years later. Alas, the progressive, psychedelic prankster proved incorrect, as the Reaper claimed him back in 2015 at the age of 77. Normally, we wouldn’t include tribute acts here, but this promises to be rather more interesting than the usual low-budget impersonations. Musicians from Bristol bands Asteroid Deluxe and Fantasy Orchestra are joining forces with regulars from the Cube Orchestra for a full performance of the album, followed by a ‘Gliss Orchestera’ of eight glissando guitars unison. Should be a treat for anyone who’s, uh, Bin Stone Before. [see: https://www.bristol247.com/culture/music/metal-prog-picks-may-2018/]

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